Sunday Experience

10:00AM/EST Worship Service

Arrive for service and experience our The AveNue community! We will sing and worship (30 minutes), have a sermon (usually 1 hour), share community news and then meet and greet. We welcome you, your family & friends!

What To Expect

Your first impression is the one that sticks, so we want to you to have the best and most memorable impression fromThe AveNue! We welcome you with open arms – we will be there to greet you and give you a tour if it’s your first time. Please say Hello at the beginning of the service so we may welcome you.

What To Wear

We do not have a dress code. You may see some attendees in their Sunday Best, or you may see people in a shirt and jeans. We are a church of ‘come as you are.’ Be comfortable.

Come Worship with USUpon Arrival

After parking, head towards the main entrance of The AveNue. We will have greeters to guide you along to the sermon area. You may choose to sit wherever you like.

Before Leaving

We would love to keep in touch with you, so please stop by to fill out new attendee form. Also, be sure meet and greet with Pastor Flo!

How to Reach Us

We love feedback. Please contact us at 980.201.8955 or send us an email.